The Latin term "Communitas" refers to an unstructured community in which people are considered equal, or to the very spirit of community.

    Community Art (also refered to as Social Practice, or Social Art) focuses on involving community members, who contribute a variety of talents, to design and create a form of art. The idea of Community Art branches from the Happenings Art Movement of the 1960's, stemming from the counter culture of the era and coined by Allan Kaprow. Happenings focused on inviting people to spontaneous art "happenings" or performances and often invited the attendees to participate. Community art projects are done together with a professional artist who passes on skills to the participants through the art-making process. The artist often coordinates events, performances and schedules the means for a project to take place. Works of Community Art provide unique experiences for all and commonly hold underlying commentary on the current social and cultural politics. 

   "People need people even the people who think they don't- needing others is a basic human need which can be argued why we as beings have been subcategorized into cultures, nations, states, groups, etc. People Artists/musicians especially need people similar interest or of outside influence, a "muse" perhaps to keep inspiration flowing to gain the will to keep trying. The struggle with an escalating use of technology, lack of money anywhere, and interplaying emphasis of craft through design (by use of technology) is really decapatating the art scene/craft world because in most cases it really strips apart the basic human need- the interaction between each other: free from screen or distraction. People need People. And art of this form- in form of events such like the Monthly Mixed Media Mixer- to start manifesting a new change, a rebirth of support, and a better sustainability of the art world." -Taylor 

   These works above focus on Communitas through Community Art practice which hold to the spirit of the Happening movement of the 1960's. 

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