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"California College of the Arts is a wonderful university, rich in diverse topics within Art and Craft- but lacking in outlets in music. As a musician looking for a community where I could express music, I would stumble upon many of my peers who also had a somewhat-hidden musical talent. I wondered how I could join the students together to create a time when a music talent outlet could shine. Art school is no walk in the park- there are countless food deprived, stressed out, sleepless nights in the name of school and creation continuously from beginning of the semester to the end. Due to this, clubs struggle, and I have seen them give up due to lack of attendance. This is also why there is no sports team, or many clubs that are able to prolong attendance throughout the challenges of the semester... So what does one student do when you truly want to create a community around music but have little official power- let alone do not have the personal time to even attempt at a club? You create the CCA Music Deparment" -Tay Gersbach

The CCA Music Department is a (pretty much) official department at California College of the Arts. Alumni Will Durkee, Alumni Kevin Demery, and Tay Gersbach (director) wanted to make the musical talents of CCA visible to all. Starting in 2013, The CCA Music Department began by Will and Kevin through the forming of their band, Voice Noise, and inspired by the influence of alumni, Travis McFlynn. That semester, a show was born- but there was little attendance to the jam session. Shortly after Tay heard about the so-called "department"- she took the organizing into her own hands and created the second-semestrial CCA Music Department Show featuring bands of CCA. After the success of the Music Department Show, Tay now organizes a Music Department Event every semester. 


      The CCA Department Show, organized by Tay Gersbach, was held at the College Avenue Galleries as a part of a Community Arts Exhibition entitled Points of Contact: This is Community Art. The event was held on a Friday evening and showcased CCA student-based bands. The show was a success in bringing the talents of the musicians to life- and also resulted in new opportunities for shows and exposure outside of school for a few of those musicians who performed.


      CCA Music Class- a weekend day of Spring 2014 organized to bring people of CCA and the department together to create music and provide a space where knowledge and ideas can be shared between those in the CCA Community and a few guests from the Oakland music community. A Soundbooth was erected inside of a Confessional made by Sculpture student Jillian McCann- where Recordings for the CCA Music Department Album were produced. 

Poster Art by CCA Music Department founder and Director, Tay Gersbach.

Poster Art by Painting/Drawing Alumni and CCA Music Department Founder, Will Durkee.

CCA Music Department ALBUM

Find the album here:

CCA Music Class- a weekend day of Spring 2014 was organized by Event Coordinator and Art Director, Tay Gersbach, and founder, Will Durkee. The Class was meant to bring people of California College of the Arts and the CCA Music Department together to create music on an otherwise silent campus, and to provide a space where knowledge and ideas in music could be shared between those in the CCA Community, as well as between a few guests from the Oakland music community. A Soundbooth was erected inside of a wooden confessional made by Jillian McCann, Sculpture BFA- where Recordings for the CCA Music Department Album were produced. Lectures were spoken by Professors Tay Gersbach and Will Durkee and the class was attended by 26 fellow members of the department to record confessionals, one on top of the other, to create the CCA Music Department Album. The Album is now complete and produced by Tay Gersbach with a couple of extra songs produced by Will Durkee. Made for your ears. Please enjoy a collection of Eclectic, Ephemeral sounds of goodness.

Can Find it online here.

Members who participated in the album confessional included:

Ian Bicket (flute, vocals)

Garrett Marsh (Saw)

Julian Taquechel (Vocals, Banjo)

Shushan Tefuszigta (vocals)

Jillian McCann (vocals, tambo, harmonica)

Harsh Nowlahka (Tabla)

Hubert Wang (Vocals)

Nate Chandler (Guitar)

Can Cadlagan (Aquadrum)

John (guitar, Vocals)

Shannon Colleen (Vocals)

Najee Amaranth of The Oakland Mind (Vocals, Guitar and edits)

Dr Striker, practicing Oakland Based Musician (banjo)

The Album was released at the CCA Music Department Album Release Show on October 29th, 2014 and was accompanied by bands of CCA including a set by Alumni's and former members of the CCA Music Department, Will Durkee and Kevin Demerey, in their project called Voice Noise. As well as a set from the head of the department: Tay Gersbach. Other bands who performed included: Drum and Tronic (Can Cadlagan, Rama Watts, and Matt), RAM (Harsh Nowlahka, Sam Alderson), Sunseat (Nate Chandler) and special Guests Great Spirit.

Coming Soon:

The Jangle Orchestra