Artist Statement

The following artist statement is brought to you by Tay Gersbach.
If seen with eyes and not heard with ears, please read aloud... with proper gusto.

(Announcer):Tay Gersbach


Invents Individual Instrumental Inducers

as Performative Props for People

from Janky Jingle-Jangles to

Spontaneous Sculptural Soundscapes.

(Announcer):Tay Gersbach


Orchestrates her Own Originally

Inventive Ironic Interactive Involvement for

Humorously Happy Harmonic Happenings 

by Composing Clever Coordination

for Creating Continuing Communitas.

(Announcer):Tay Gersbach


Craft Maker, Making Music, and Manufacturing Moments

Rendered from Rejuvenated, Reused, Resourceful

Finds- (Forgotten to Found) from her Hands

for Human Happiness from Head to Heart.

(Announcer): Tay Gersbach


Engage Eyes and Ears to Erase Every

Worry With Weapons of Wondrous Whimsy.