A Bit of Identity

A Bit of Identity  was a very experiemental series of projects which stemmed from the one before. The intent was to do something unexpected in the public space revolving around the theme of identity and memory and to do research on the reactions of passerbys. I saw this project as a learning experience for me for a variety of mediums and an odd memory the people I encountered will behold. I remember each person I interacted with and hold my own cherished memory of them in return.

Part 1: The Pop-Up.

I decided to focus on apples. Everyone, no matter what identity, has an association with Apples. They have a memory, a taste and bite for it. I wanted to collect these memories to bring people together. I decided on bringing apples for people to take one bite from and discard as a trigger to memory- and their bite as imprinted clue of identity. Playing with multiple mediums, I also took video and recording of the collection. The pop-up interaction played a  large role in bringing people together spontaneously, and created a really interesting dialogue between those who partook. Different reactions between people and their trust with the apple biting was interesting to see as some would refuse to take a bite- which, in that case their apple was left unbitten. I saw this as a clue towards their identity even though there was no bitten trace.

I collected the identities at random from the Berkeley Farmer's Market, Rockridge Bart and California College of the Arts campus. 

A collection of strangers memories at the Sunday Berkeley Farmers Market.

A Collection of strangers memories at Rockridge Bart Station. 

Part Two:

While I had them, I took the bitten apples I collected, as well as video documentation and created an interactive installation where onlookers could contribute their own memory into the apple memory book and identity wall. 

Interactive installation inside of the Shaklee building.

Part Three:

As the apples were rotten, and the memories collected, I then took the remaining memories from everyone and created another interactive installation called The Memory Tree: A Bit of Identity for Want a PIEce of this? gallery show of 2012. I projected the video onto the wall and played a soundscape of biting apples. I strung the memories onto branches, and opened the invitation for passerby's to attach their own memory onto the tree with clothespins. The installation was beautiful and changed over time- it became heavier and lowered with the weight of each memory- creating an image of a fruiting apple tree. In a way, the apples had made their way back onto the tree through memory. 

The Memory Tree: A Bit of Identity

Detail shot of The Memory Tree.